About Us

What we do

We are a Landscape and Gardening Maintenance company that strives to excel at all new challenges thrown our way. We create new and improved landscapes ensuring our clients every need is met when we reach the end result.

We maintain gardens (domestic and corporate) to a point where our clients can take pride in their environment and enjoy the beauty of nature. We challenge ourselves to always give 110% and believe in constant communication between us and our clients.


Community Focussed

Elements Garden wants to make a difference in our communities and therefore we employ people from previously disadvantaged areas. We train and support our employees to become productive members of their community and teach them the values and essence of nature.

We have excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills in our team which we developed and nurtured throughout our work experience.

Our Experience

20 years of landscaping and horticultural experience, including numerous installation and maintenance projects.

Our Service

Personalised consulting & excellent communication. We go above and beyond when it comes to providing quality service.

Our Value

We provide excellent service while ensuring that we cater for your budget needs, whether large or small.

Our Team

Our team consists of qualified, experienced and motivated individuals, who want the best for your landscape.

Our Efficiency

We get the job done the right way, on time and on budget and ensure great communication throughout.

Our Gear

We use the latest landscaping machinery and tools and ensure that they are regularly serviced at all times.

Need More Info

Feel free to contact us at anytime and we will get back shortly